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UPDATE 05.15.16

I've been working on many small projects over the last few months ranging from web strategy and content creation to sub-contracting on development projects to flat-out rescuing clients from bad developers.

I have freelance availability: on-site some in the Baltimore area, or offsite.

Elevator Pitch

(Updated 05.15.16) I am currently cranking WordPress sites and helping small businesses with online advertising, marketing, and content.

I have more than fifteen years of web development experience in all phases of production: from proposals and concepts, through planning, design, user-testing, and development, to execution, documentation, and reporting. I have worked for years in both private commercial and non-profit sectors in various roles. Add to this five years of advertising agency experience, which has given me an even wider view of business, and you have a well-rounded asset to any team.


Most of my programming experience is rooted in many years of Flash(AS2/AS3), but over the last year I have turned to CSS/JQuery and PHP/SQL/MySQL to create interactive experiences. This site is itself an example of CSS/JQuery. (Also view it on your smart phone and tablet to see responsive design in action!)

I have worked in major Content Management Systems like Drupal, where I have done everything from light module development to data-planning and view-creation to full content management, SEO, and analysis of a million+ visit domain. Lately I have turned my full attention to WordPress and WooCommerce.

My strong communication skills have also often come into play with RFPs and client meetings. I have also led the development of many projects over the years. I know how to run a cross-departmental white-board session.



I have had the good fortune to have hands on projects for, and occasionally influence the success of, many established brands.

The most recognizable brands that I have conducted work for are:
  • Verizon
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Smart Balance
  • Hair Cuttery
  • Polk Audio
If non-profits are your thing, I've done that too:
  • PBS
  • Consumer Electronics Show
  • U.S. Naval Institute
  • American Instiute of Architects
  • UMUC
I am grateful for the chances I have been given to work for high-profile clients. But I am looking for interesting and fulfilling projects in any sector. So don't worry if you aren't a Fortune 500 company - I am happy to bring this knowledge to any place that will appreciate it.



This page will be updated later with links and short write-ups for several recent WordPress and custom developments

I have write-ups and screenshots/videos of projects going back to 2000. Contact me if you are interested in seeing that.


[resumé to be updated when portfolio is]